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    It's hard to get something for nothing these days(legally of course )so i have compiled a list of some very good FREEWARE sites for you to check out.Obviously there are alot of these sites on the net so please feel free to add yours and a small description,if you want...

    FreewareHome...a good freeware site with many categories. excellent global freeware site again many categories.

    MajorGeeks....a good site with some unusual programs. of the press 'beta' programs updated daily(not all freeware)

    Wilders...IMHO the best site for security programs and info.

    A.G.A.G...Animated Gifs Artist Guild...gifs galore,nice site.

    Moochers...Great freeware site with a wide variety of programs.

    Webattack.....Massive list of goodies..well worth checking out.

    LinksToFreeware.....Huge site that has links to every kind of freeware you want.

    There is a few to be going on with...and as i say feel free to add your own favourite FREEWARE sites.

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    Webattack was great when I was a 56K'er. I'll check out some of the others out too.

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    Nice post TBO

    At least we cant get in the sh*t for these progs LOL

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    Cool, nice list of freeware.

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    Nice list!

    I usually go for the shareware and then get the cracks!

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    Originally posted by DataMore@15 February 2003 - 13:09
    Nice list!

    I usually go for the shareware and then get the cracks!
    I never thought of that

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    lol forgot


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