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Thread: The Next Free Full Album

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    this ones a 17 track album that comes with a pdf for all the band info available here:

    I'm guessing the guy is sharing this comp on soulseek aswell.

    1. Jacknife Powerbombs-Get While The Gettin's Good
    2. Gluttons-Sawtooth Thunderhead
    3. Allergic to Whores-Dead Man's Noose
    4. Chrome Kickers-There Goes The Graveyard
    5. Disengage-District 2 Electric Boogaloo
    6. Fast Mattress-Alcoholic
    7. Standing 69s- Butcher Knife
    8. Femsickliver-Jerkoff Vacation(live)
    9. 9 Shocks Terror-Yeti Smasher
    10. The NarcolepticsX5-I Hate You
    11. The Vacancies-Gutpunch
    12. Miranda's Moon-Saturn 5
    13. Bad Habit-Daddy's Girl
    14. Bluto's Revenge-I Forget
    15. Hostile Omish-Mohawk
    16. The Anti-Socialists -Trafficant Jam
    17. Kill City Kills-What You Got

    Parental warning: Some of these tracks have a couple f-bombs,
    some have a whole slew! If you're offended by profanity,
    don't download these songs. You probably shouldn't be here anyways.
    I can't guarantee these songs will be available from this site all of the time. Do myself, and yourself, a favor; get a file-sharing program to find these tracks. I know they are available on the SoulSeek network.
    So find a copy, download it, burn it, rock it, share it.

    E-Booklet-features pictures, lyrics, contact info etc. You can click on a bands page to go to their site.
    and in other news...

    Go-Kart P2P Compilation

    Go-Kart Records along with peer-to-peer file sharing companies Altnet and Kazaa are releasing a new compilation titled Downloading Is Not A Crime. The label has been very vocal in their opposition to the RIAA's recent lawsuits against individuals accused of downloading copyrighted content on file sharing networks.

    Downloading Is Not A Crime is a 32 song online sampler that is free and "100% RIAA safe." Along with the music the label has included a booklet and tray card that can be printed for use on burned copies of the album. The compilation is available in the Audio section of Kazaa's media desktop application.

    The label's press release stated "If you like the bands you hear on this compilation, please go and support them, buy their records and see them live. Let's prove to everyone that downloading can help artists and not hurt them!" 
    I have tried searching for this album/tracks on KLite but have come up with nothing... No info on the go kart records site eather


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    Thanks for the great info, Gutter.

    Looking forward to those.


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    oops sorry gutter i just made a topic on that..didnt see this post first

    edit: what kind of music is this comp?

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    punk rock : and emo


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