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Thread: Xp Bootscreens

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    Just wanting 2 know how many people have customized boot screens

    u can get sum cool boot screens iam thinking of using this 1

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    i like this little app BootSkin

    and im using this currently ( though i dont reboot much) TribalDragonBlue

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    First Time I Tried Doing It..My PC Fuked Up!

    Dont No If It Was The Bootscreen Thing I Used But Dnt Wanna Risk It Again Lost All My Movies And Music When I Did That!

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    Yeah I had troubles when I tried it too... and I also lost a bunch of stuff when I changed it back to normal.

    So my answer is no.

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    Yeah, I use custum boot and logon screens. Not into themes at all though.

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    Originally posted by Dapadipz@12 December 2003 - 20:52
    First Time I Tried Doing It..My PC Fuked Up!
    Same here

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    make sure when you download boot screens that you get the right one for your OS.
    There are some for XP, and some for XP w/SP1, since you're overwriting the ntoskrnl.

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