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    WinDVD Platinum

    WinDVD Platinum is the latest version of WinDVD which is a simple-to-use DVD player that combines all the features of a standard consumer DVD player and offers much more. It is the ultimate DVD player with advanced audio and video functions, not found anywhere else.

    It gives you all the great features of WinDVD 4 like time stretching, screen capture and TV-out support and adds a dozen new extras like DivX Support, Dolby Virtual Speaker, Improved Video, DTS, gamma correction, SRS Headphone, LanguageMate, Windows Media support, video effects, and much more.

    The trial version is limited to 30 days and 5 mins playback but should give you an overall impression of the player itself.



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    looks cool, too bad its a trial ..........
    (i have v4, came OEM with my pc, havent even messed with it yet,
    didnt know it does screen capture or anything )
    i'll wait for the "full" version..... :-"
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