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Thread: Ong Ppl Please Share..

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    Hey guys, i was trying to download Naruto and all day there was like only one guy giving it to me!

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    What a useless thread? Makes me wonder why I am even posting in it ? If you are looking for a file and only one person is uploading it to you either:
    1. It is a very rare file
    2. There is queueing at the remote end
    3. No one wants to share it

    Anyway I can't help you with a specific file but try looking to another P2P network for your file. This thread shouldn't be here as the average board member hates n00bs* who compain about their P2P related problems. Why not go to the lounge and post a topic about your "personal" problems because it would give the board members something to laugh at.

    *I sincerely hope you know what a n00b is.

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    Hey man the guy you made this topic is right your wrong!
    Ive been trying to download musics but it mostly results in "Remote Queued."
    Thats facking bullsheit

    -ALL the post i made is full of swears

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    Originally posted by Spock4@13 December 2003 - 01:57
    -ALL the post i made is full of swears
    it is possible not to swear in a topic

    i just fucking did it myself there
    <span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>BLAH</span>

    <span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>Wayne Rooney - A thug and a thief</span>

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    Are we still bitching about people not sharing?

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    Think the plastic surgeon is slightly missing the spirit of the whole caring sharing k++ world; check out this thread for a reminder of how silly we sound when we pick on other p2p users. He&#39;s a n00b, he&#39;s using the KL(1000) cheat, he&#39;s......blah blah blah.

    & the refreshing response from all the mature minded members.

    any way you both show as newcomers on my screen&#33;

    Let’s leave the elitism in the business world where all the moral cripples/Sharman live.

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    I fucking* know were both n00bs but I have the decency to not piss people off with annoying topics. Besides, I am the only person to post a helpful reply in this thread (even though I insulted the person in question and wasn&#39;t able to tell him exactly where to get his file). Thankfully the caring sharing members of this board will probably help him in some way (help should be avaliable using the search button). I searched for the topic in question and found a lot of results.

    *Since we are all swearing I thought I&#39;d get into the "spirit" of things. No offence intended .

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    I don&#39;t think it was necessary to be so harsh - they are only new, they can&#39;t be expected to know everything yet. It&#39;s better to just write helpful comments and nothing else.

    Like, just leave your computer and k-lite switched on, you will get it in the end.

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    Yeah I was I bit harsh, just got up after getting fed up with corporate news on BBC breakfastnews24. Always makes me way too soap boxish/blunt&#33;

    As for useful info I can only say that my traffic window generally has 40 to 60 files in it. Two months ago+ I could usually count on 4-8 downloading at any one time. This month it’s been 2-4, this last week 0-2. Maybe I&#39;m downloading rarer stuff but it seems to feel slower lately.

    Can’t think of any relevant swear words, perhaps that’s a new topic&#33;


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