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    hi. im looking for a prgram for digital pictures that fixes them (removes red eye, crop, etc.) and i heard about adobe. the problem is the have so much software on ur site i dont know which one i should get. i am a beginner photo taker and take pictures mabe a 5-8 times a month. any1 recomend any good adobe phto apps? thnks.

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    try photoshop elements 2

    I used it for a little bit, and it has a helper thing on the side that says what each button does.
    that might be handy.
    I think that Photoshop does the same things as elements, but elements is a but more guided and with less features.
    however, just for things like redeye, I believe you could find another application that isn't so large. They have a lot of simple ones out there for image quick-fixes.

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    Go to PM.


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