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    Um yeah. K-Lite is for PC users.... (I think)
    however... my friend is on a mac and has slow internet.
    On a friendly occassion, i would like to be able to get her some software.
    She's really in to photoshop, for example. But if you do a search, it will never give me stuff like the Photoshop for Mac.
    I didn't know they had the new CS for mac, but i looked, and apparently they do.

    Anyway... I doubt any mac user could upload to here, since it isn't for mac. But where could I go for such a thing?
    I mean, i don't have to install the program, but i can still download it, can't I?

    well, i'm just confused.
    maybe someone can help


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    Get the Virtual pc(or whatever its called)-where Windows runs through Mac and you can download thru k++.
    but most programs are PC so yull have to run thru Virtualpc

    Look here for other Filesharing progs

    Torrent and Limewire seem to be the mac thing

    Try mac forums

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    I just downloaded a Photoshop 7 Mac version in K-lite, but I can't run it on my Mac as it is an exe file and my Mac (OsX) doesn't understand what to do with it. In VirtualPC it tries to open in a Command window, but without result.
    What should I do?
    I'm sure the file says it's a Photoshop for Mac version...



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