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Thread: Afghan Terrorist Name Generator

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    Infested Cats's Avatar Mike Victory
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    Sep 2002
    Brooklyn, NY

    Enter your name, and see what you get!

    With my real name: Issamaysin Alah Dabommsinit
    with my ScreenName (infested cats): Abdalla The Kenyan

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    with real name: Muhammed bin Shagfest
    with Shinigami: Huymada Farti Noys

    They both seem to have a nice ring to it

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    Benno's Avatar Poster
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    Real name: Abu Marzook Whafukama-Doin
    Screen name: Ghai Fagbhut

    I kinda like these

    You Better Keep In Mind That I Can Read Between The Lines

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    with real name: Abu Marzook Whafukama-Doin
    with screen name: Huymada Farti Noys

    What's going on?
    Am I really me, or an amalgamation of different people?

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    That's pretty cool. I figuared out how it works

    It's math

    They have a HUGE list of names. And these names are numbered. (1 - osama bin laden 2 - osama bin hiden etc )

    Then they add up your name value. (a = 1, b = 2, c = 3, etc)

    Then they choose what your terrorist name by the namevalue


    If your name was 'A' : your terrorist name would be 'Osama Bin Laden'
    If your name was 'A A' : your terrorist name would be 'Osama Bin Hiden'
    If your name was 'B' : your terrorist name would still be 'Osama Bin Hiden'

    I assume after about 100 names, the list repeats itself.
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    kAb's Avatar Poster
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    it does, my name was the same as infested cats

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    JunkBarMan's Avatar Milk Sucks,Got Beer?
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    Real Name=Mustafa Kalashnikov
    Screen Name=Ussama Al shiten <~~~~check that one
    Today is the day.

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    Check this out:

    Real Name: Mohammed Al Wank&#39;han
    Screen Name: Mohammed Al Wank&#39;han

    I can tell you for sure my real name is not &#39;Nobody1234&#39;


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    LOL. I put as name Osama Bin Laden and it cam out to be Abdalla The Kenyan. This is weird

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    Haha... I entered my name and... : "Sorry you sound too nice to be a terrorist&#33;"

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