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    Nero Burning Rom

    Nero is a flexible, reliable, and easy-to-use application designed to write both data and CD audio to CD-R and CD-RW discs. It supports ISO 9660 images as well as ISO mode 1 and XA mode 2, and allows for on-the-fly disc recording in addition to overburning (if supported by hardware). Nero also supports multisession and mixed-mode recording, HFS, ISO/HFS hybrid, UDF, PSX, OFAS (optimal file access speed), track-at-once (TAO) and disc-at-once (DAO) writing, digital audio extraction, and more. In addition, Nero can dynamically disable automatic-insert notification, offers support for multiple languages, and works with all major models of CD-R and CD-RW drives. This download also contains Nero's standalone Cover Editor for designing and printing CD covers.

    Changes in Current Version:
    Unlimited MP3 encoding and OGG vorbis encoding/decoding
    Significant usability improvements
    AMD64bit support
    Hyperthreading support

    Download Nero Burning Rom

    NeroVision Express

    NeroVision Express guides you through the whole process of creating DVDs, VCDs and SVCDs in an easy and innovative way.

    So imagine being able to take all your home movies or video recordings, and transfer them to DVD or CD in a few easy steps. Or what about the real time video capture from your digital camcorder in preparation for that ultimate movie creation? Well its all possible, the new video-authoring application from the creators of Nero.

    Download NeroVision Express

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    with these regular updates Nero gets on my nerves (56k) - are there not patches available?

    Unlimited MP3 encoding and OGG vorbis encoding/decoding
    actually this would make this version worth getting
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    Is this a beta?

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    I'm using 6....19. Will I need to get a new key or will the old one work?

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    I'm using version

    I don't want to update using their site b/c they make it the demo version in my add/remove programs, plus I gotta change my key too.

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    if i were upgrading from nero 5 to the newest version should i uninstall the old one first?
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    doesn't matter, but you can if you want
    might upgread to this one, looks promising with the ogg vorbis support :kickass:

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    MP3 WAV WMA OGG Converter

    Good converter and its on SuperN. B)

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    SH did you upgrade? cuz if u did....i think i might be alone in the 5.5.10.x community!!!!

    long live 5.5.10.x!!!!!!!

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