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Thread: Damn It, The Slide Card!

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    i have a ps2 slide card, at first it work with games i downloaded, then i try to play some games that i copied from the origional ps2 game, i rent at the holywood, and it wont work any more, it load so damn long , and wen it come to a movie in the game, it act like it couldnt read, it stop and play, stop and play, and some games didnt even start, it stuck at tha "please insert disc" screen.

    anyone has any clues what tha heck is wrong with it? oh ye, my ps2 is v7 US

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    maybe the one you try to copy have some copyrights protection on there.

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    Sounds like the lasor needs adjusting.

    Also burn as slow as possible.

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    if it becuz of the protection, or laser then how can i fix it


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