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Thread: Any Help On Why This Is Happening

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    Hey ok, I will start with the screens.

    Basically this is happening in splinter cell when I have nightvision on, and look or step into any kind of light. The more light thw worse as can be seen on the pics. I know that this is my graphics card as I had no problems on my MX440 64MB card. I am now having this problem on my Radeon 9200 SE 128MB card.

    - I have tinkered with ingame settings, all though there is not much in there, as well the card settings but have not been able to make a diffrence.
    - I am using - drivers, I took a look at updated ones but this problem was not mentioned in the docs (there is not much of an update available any way, just a couple of decimals)

    Anyways just hoping one of you guys can give me any suggestion of settings to be looking at. I am generally dissatisfied with this card, I should have waited the week for the Pro version, but this makes the game unplayable.

    Edit: sorry foir size of pics, I hate when people do that, but I do not have time to edit them right now. Sorry.

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    You'll probably get better performance by upgrading your drivers, but heres where you can find the fix for your specific problem:

    Patch 1.2 Release Notes

    General Fixes/Changes:

    The 3D Sound button in the Sound config area is now properly activating/deactivating 3d hardware sound acceleration/positioning.

    In Shadow Projector mode, the shadow filter design was changed to LOW/MEDIUM = 2x2, HIGH = 3x2, VERY HIGH = 3x3 depending on the value of Effects Quality in the video settings menu.

    Holding or Pushing CTRL while going back to the main menu no longer bring you back to a cube map with a default texture.

    Laser micro success/failure computation fix.

    Benchmark mode (see instructions in readme file).

    No more guard/unguard, check/uncheck to speed up performance.

    No more Shadow Details in Shadow Buffer mode (that setting was useless on GF3/GF4Ti/FX cards).

    No more bugs submitted to EPIC.

    800x600 is now supported by 32 MB video cards.

    GeForce 256, Radeon 7500 cards and Xabre 200/400/600 cards (with 3.11 drivers) are now officially supported.

    Night vision fix for several graphic cards.

    Video memory optimization.
    So you'll need that latest patch.

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    is the card over heated? i had some probs w/ my mx440 and after adding a expansion slot fan right on top on the mx440, all the probs went away....well unless i play bf1942 for like 6hours straight

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    Its not to do with overheating, read my above post.

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    Thanks "the link" my bad, not researching at all before I asked.

    Thanks again.


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