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Thread: Manually Hack The Latest Kazaa

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    is this possible

    d/l the latest kazaa from sherman
    remove all the spyware and other stupid unnecessary files/program and replace all of them with a hack version
    the same way k++ replaced all the stupid program that sherman likes to package w/their kazaa

    just give us a tutorials on how to remove all the unnecessary and replace it a hack files

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    u'll have ur turn noob

    you are not supposed to "modify" any software without developer's approval.

    you got some nerve proposing it on a public forum

    just wait for somebody to release the "good" version of kazaa then use it

    just a friendly reminder to y'all since y'all know wut happened to the dude writing his academic paper on "how to diable copy protection on cds with the shift key"

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    A good idea but wait and see what comes next. james_bond_rulez < Don&#39;t be such a moron the guy/kid was just giving his two cents. Why would someone have a nerve posting an idea? People gotta stop being so afraid of talking on forums about things they find interesting.


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