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Thread: Stupid Sharmen

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    Well... I tried eMule and its crap so complicated and crap all crap... slow... crap... do this and that all crap...

    Kazaa lite = good, simple plug and play and easy to use... but noooooo...... stupid riaa and all this crap about legal stuff bullshiet all those stuff...! I want to download things but i cant..! why cause its all Queued and more sources needed why faking 100 users are downloading it and its a NOT A FREAKING RARE FILE SUCH AS A SONG! THAT JUST RELEASED!! .... this never happened before..! BS

    For all you KMD 2.6

    If you do hack KMD 2.6 good for you but you know what if you uninstall it all the files/songs/movies/games etc... will be all corrupted !!

    I have tested it along time ago... so Good luck!

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    Use the verifieds next time.


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