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    I'm a new kid on the block here, although I have been enjoying Kazaa for over a year.
    I am perplexed of not being able to find and redownload a Christmas music selection entitled, 'Oh Come All Ye Faithful' by the Westminister Choir of England.
    Can anyone tell me why this is the case? Or, suggest another way of finding it.

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    Try switching supernodes.... maybe you'll have better luck on a different one.

    Oh, an' for future reference, this is kinda question doesn't really belong in the "Everything related to this board" section.... I'll ask a mod to move it.

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    Are you receiving this message? Did you get my reponse to the reply you sent me?

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    I just answered yer PM frank.

    ------ edit 1 -----

    Ok, now you've PMd me again....

    Have you not figured out yet how to read the PMs you've received?

    ----- edit 2 ------

    Ok.... I see you've read one of them now.

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    I think this is the right page back to you..........*chuckle*
    I changed supernodes.......still can't find that previous song download.....damn it!
    Thanks for ushering me over to the right Forum. How'd you do that, Bud?

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    I don't have any luck when I search for it either frank.... not sure why.

    How many users does it show connected on the supernode you switched to? (bottom of the KL screen).... If'n theres fewer users than yer used to seeing, it could just be a bad time of day/night to look for it.... or you could try jumping a few more times.

    Yer not operating as a supernode y'self are you? Sometimes, that'll make you the only user on that node.

    Also check the spelling of the artist.... I notice in yer post, you have it as "Westminister Choir".... you've got too many I's in that.

    So far as how yer question got moved here, one of our helpful moderators (BOT) was kind enough to do that.


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