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Thread: Downloading Problems

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    I search and search but dont get any results. Then, i try the anime and up2dat links on the web link in K++. Files become downloadable but only from one source and it's always busy and says "more sources" and the sources is from [email protected]

    What is the problem? it says that they are verified sources and i know there are alot of anime junkies out there using kazza but why cant i download from them?
    does anyone have a sloution?

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    What exactly are you seraching for?
    What version of k-lite?

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    If you're getting the [email protected] thing, you're probably using an old version of K-lite. You should update. Also, if you're looking for files that are new releases, it takes time for the files to spread. Finally, your "rank" within K Lite will impact your priority when requesting downloads, so if you're not sharing files, you'll have to wait even longer.

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    Phew~ that solves it. i think its my version... i havent updated since... thanks


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