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Thread: Downloading Problems

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    I search and search but dont get any results. Then, i try the anime and up2dat links on the web link in K++. Files become downloadable but only from one source and it's always busy and says "more sources" and the sources is from

    What is the problem? it says that they are verified sources and i know there are alot of anime junkies out there using kazza but why cant i download from them?
    does anyone have a sloution?

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    What exactly are you seraching for?
    What version of k-lite?

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    If you're getting the thing, you're probably using an old version of K-lite. You should update. Also, if you're looking for files that are new releases, it takes time for the files to spread. Finally, your "rank" within K Lite will impact your priority when requesting downloads, so if you're not sharing files, you'll have to wait even longer.

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    Phew~ that solves it. i think its my version... i havent updated since... thanks


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