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Thread: What Are The Best Codec's

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    I installed the K-lite 2.20 pack (I used to have the 2.10 and it worked perfectlly), but I had to upgrade and ruined everything. Now I don't got s*#t and don't remember what I parts of the K-Lite 2.10 codec pack I installed last time I installed it. I remember when I installed the 2.10 pack there were instructions on what not to install (such as what don't work with what and sutch),but now that the K-lite site can't do K-lite related stuff anymore I don't know how to fix it it. Anybody got a link to a K-lite 2.10 information site or know what not to install from the pack.

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    the codecs are fine, if you have a problem then upgrade or load another whatever the case may be
    between and what you have now you should be ok forever

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    I tried Video Lan and it didn't help. What sucks the most is files I could play before won't play or are considered corrupted by all my media players.

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    Uninstall everything mate.Then install divx,xvid,ac3,mp3,for now.If you play something which needs a codec later you can just run the codec pack again then install that codec.Then find powerdvd xp 4 to play your movies.


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