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Thread: Halo Is Over-rated

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    All this talk about halo got me realy rap'd to play it so i downloaded it and 3 hours later i was playing. The main screen is unbelievable, i wont give anything away cause its amazing but i must say thats the best part of the game. The game play is boring, same thing over and over always the same 4 monsters that you shot and kill, when you first land on The Halo that is pretty cool the way you can c the curvature of the halo and all, but this is short lived soon you go under ground (BTW the creatures are always the same) and its the same dam background played over and over when you underground, god dam that is lame, if it gets better i cant say because im not going to continue playing it ive been playing underground for a bout 2 hours or so and its the same background and the same 4 monsters to kill and the same 4 or so weapons. Good exciting game play is few and far between some highlights being gettin new weapons like missile launcher or new vehicals like the warthog, tank or the hover-craft thing. But in conclusion this game is plane boring repetitive crap with a bit of a change thrown in for a couple of minutes in comparision to the couple of hours of same old shit that dominates this overrated piece of crap name Halo.

    -Stunning ground level backround(The halo streching into space)
    -Occasional Special Weapons such as a tank

    -Underground has repetitive background for hours on end.
    -Only 4 or so weapons that are found. (Get sick of them quick)
    -Only 4 or so enemy ground units. (Outcome of a fight is very predicable. You will win)
    -The whole game feels very repetitive you shoot the same monsters, you look at the same background(when on higher levels), and you use the same weapons(with the exception of some special equipment which you can't use for very long).

    Please tell me why you like this game, i can NOT c how anyone would like it. Its got a very good story line and the whole halo thing i love but the gameplay is repetitive and hence boring.

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    it is to long

    me didn't read everything
    hello i am going HOME.......

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    wait until you play the game at "hard" level and go to the library level....

    fucking zombies fucking everywhere

    HINT: unlimited grenades might help....

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    The following post will contain spoilers towards halo's storyline

    Well, not every great game will appeal to everyone. There will be the majority who love it, and the few who don't know what the big deal is. Its unfortunate that you didn't like the game, but you didn't seem to highlight all the good points about the game which is why i think you havnt experienced it properly. I do have to agree with you on the repetitive aspect of it (as would many people)... after all, the last few levels are pretty much the same as previous ones and many rooms look like exact doubles. Take a look at some of the best parts to the game i've chosen:
    • AI: The intelligence of the covenant and flood is truly exceptional when played on harder difficulty settings. They dive for cover when you throw grenades, take cover behind objects and really make you feel as if you're versing living, hating enemies.
    • Graphics: Not only are the backgrounds great, everything else is just as good! Despite the original xbox game being a bit older, when played at high details, the game gives all the new games a run for their money! The texturing, particles, and everything else is pretty much unbeatable.
    • Weapons: I have to admit, there is not an incredible selection of weapons but there is much more than 4. The covenant weapons for one, they have a matching gun for every human's gun and you can always grab theirs when you run out of ammo. Also the fact that you can only carry 2 weapons at a time is a good shot at realism for once
    • Storyline: Unlike a fair few FPS's, halo's storyline really draws you in if you let it. From crash landing on halo, to unleashing the flood, the deception that flying robot hands to you and escaping the ring... halo makes you feel like you're really fighting for something.

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    this game didnt do much for me, too many little gremlin like fuckers

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    same here, mohaa is better

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    Play it online... I play it on my school's LAN with 15-20 other people alot and multiplayer is bad-ass!! Whole bunch of Sheilded Chief like warriors as the enimie.

    Best strat is to team up and get 2 people to help you on a warthog... you 3 can skyrocket in the score chart as i did the same way.

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    yer...the warthog car thing is smart, and the planes!! 3 peeps in 1 car! i like halo, but it gets boring too quickly!

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    I thought the same thing until I found playing the game from to finish all over again.
    The game is a bonafide classic !!!
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    Im gonna go with a guess that u guys used bullets and plasma. well not me! I use melee when ever possible even on all the different kinds of flood! ok... maybe not the camo sword covenant and the exploding flood... but I probably used less than half the bullets a normal player would use... this on normal mode of coures.... damn it

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