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    Cities jammed in worldwide protest of war in Iraq
    Saturday, February 15, 2003 Posted: 6:23 PM EST (2323 GMT)

    3 million take part in anti-war protests in Rome
    One of the biggest anti-war demonstrations on the European mainland has taken place in Rome. Its unclear just how many people took part but according to some estimates as many as 3 million people. Rainbow colours a symbol in Italy of a growing peace movement. With the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi one of George Bush's closest allies in ...

    Britain's largest ever peace protest held in London
    Over a million people have marched through London, in yet another show of public solidarity against an attack on Iraq. It is widely believed to be the largest protest in British political history. Demonstrators lined the streets for over five kilometres. Starting at two separate points, they converged in Picadilly Circus and then moved ...

    Thousands take part in anti-war protests in France
    Around 200,000 people took part in an anti-war demonstration in Paris, with smaller protests held in provincial cities around the country. The comparitively small turnout in France is being attributed to the fact thatthe French government has already taken a stand against military conflict in Iraq. The country's position has put it at loggerheads ...

    Protesters hold signs during a demonstration against a possible war with Iraq at the Mahoning County Courthouse in Youngstown, Ohio.

    Public join politicians in opposition to war
    Hundreds of thousands of people have taken part in a massive anti-war rally in Berlin. Across the country, it is predicted around six hundred thousand Germans showedtheir oppostion to war. One demonstrator said: "We are afraid for our future and the future of our children. We want to say it cannot be done like this, one country saying we ...

    Protesters have gathered around the world, in the U.S., Europe, Australia, the Middle East and Asia, to protest war against Iraq.

    CNN's Beth Nissen reports many believe debate on a war in Iraq has been muted and news media have ignored dissenting voices. (February 15)

    Gallery: Scenes from key international demonstrations


    Gallery: Asian antiwar marches
    Gallery: Voices of dissent
    Blair: More time for inspectors
    Violence at Greek antiwar rally


    Previous inspectors' report
    U.S. reaction to earlier report
    Interactive: Council on Iraq
    Latest: Iraq Tracker
    Explainer: Al Samoud
    Special Report: Showdown Iraq

    Will this weekend's anti-war protests have any effect?


    NEW YORK (CNN) -- Huge crowds of anti-war demonstrators jammed into downtown New York on Saturday as protesters in dozens of U.S. cities joined large crowds worldwide in voicing opposition to war with Iraq.

    Hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets of London to voice their opposition to military action against Iraq.
    Police said it was the UK's biggest ever demonstration with at least 750,000 taking part, although organisers put the figure closer to two million.

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    As a Middle Eastern commentator (and I don't mean an American or British one) said, these demonstrations have made war more likely.

    Saddam Hussain now feels that he has support from around the world. As such he is less likely to co-operate with the UN Weapons Inspectors. Which he was gradually doing, because he did not want to go to war.

    Now the pressure from the international community is less, he will withdraw any co-operation. Thus making it more likely that war will be waged.

    Who organised these demonstrations. People who wanted war presumably. Talk about not considering the rammifications of your actions.

    Thanks for that.



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    I think people are making a huge mistake on trying to prevent a war.
    I don't like wars either, but we're talking about Saddam and not some saint.

    In the end you'll see I'm right!

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    Bomb Norway
    They have oil too

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    Im not starting....

    We'll just agree to disagree datamore.

    Ive said enough on this issue....for now.

    And Norway???? No way, like most Geordies i have a soft spot for Scandinavia...

    An It Harm None, Do What You Will

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    Hey, sure every one wants Saddam dead. But I dont really think we will really kill him. Either someone else will, or he will just die of old age...

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    "WAR-Huh what is it good for?"

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    Originally posted by Zedax@16 February 2003 - 01:26
    Bomb Norway
    They have oil too
    Oh that's clever, rabble rousing.

    Try to look at the big picture. You feel good and have taken the moral high ground because you protested against war. Big deal.

    What you and the other sheep have done is made it more likely. You then come here and boast about it.

    Once again, thanks for that.



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    Originally posted by JimF@16 February 2003 - 01:44

    Try to look at the big picture.

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    Originally posted by namzuf9@15 February 2003 - 16:42
    "WAR-Huh what is it good for?"
    Lol, this is off topic but nice avatar!

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