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Thread: Hard Drive Idea Where File Is

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    I am haveing a BIG problem.
    I have kazaa light. My computer is devided into two drives C and D.
    On C I have windows and all the programs whilst on D i have the downloaded folder of Kazaa. my dear brother tried to preview a movie half downloaded using the Kazaa Lite normal Theater. It filled the C hard drive with over 500Mb and now im stuck. I have no idea where the file/files are on that disk. Please help! Ill be gratefull!

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    Have you tried just searching the drive for the file? Larger than 1 MB, modified when ever this happened, and it's a DAT file.

    edit: And may I suggest a very useful little program called Sequoia View. It gives you a detailed view of your entire drive in a sort of "square" map. I believe it is free as well. It would be great for finding large files.

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    Check out preferences in k-dat. the temp folder specified has your file which was extracted during preview.if you check clear on exit then the temp extracted file will be deleted after you stop previewing the movie. B)

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    Thanks All, problem solved! Thanks to the K-Light crew! Thanks once again...


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