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Thread: Photoshopcs

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    Just downloaded "Adobe.Photoshop.CS.v8.0.Final.Read.NFO-AGAiN" from Bittorrent. I can' find any setup file in it. there are 33 zip files in it. None of tham have any setup. HOw to install it?
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    unhide your extensions and have a look what it really is. You probably just have crappy winzip associated with ace and rar files. It always does that even though it can't open them. then read your NFO in notepad.

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    THis is the it looks after turning of extensions from folder options. Still dont know what to do. I only have winrar installed.

    NFO file says "Unzip, unrar and install the application. "

    Thnx for your help
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    open the very last archive with winrar. this will either be *.rar or the highest number in the extension. then you can extract the bin & cue


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