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Thread: Games Starting To Freeze After Motherboard Changed

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    I recently had my motherboard changed after it was sent off for repair.
    I've got a radeon 8500 (old I know but it gets me by).

    now before my motherboard died on me the video card ran gta vice fine now it's back (the pc got set to factory defaults) the card runs but some times the game stalls or even locks up.

    Once I reboot it the error message says the problem lies with the graphics card drivers I've updated them but I still get the problem.

    any suggestions?

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    Have you adjusted the BIOS to your card? Checked its all set up correctly?

    In terms of driver problems, have you uninstalled all your old drivers properly?

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    Yes I've done all of the above but they produced no diffrence in game play

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    Have you heard of an alternate set of ATI drivers calle Omega? Lots of people on here use them as an alternative to ATI drivers and apparently they are very good, i cant find the link right now but im sure a quick google search will bring up something

    EDIT: Also, freezing and locking up suggests overheating problems, not drivers....have you run checks on your cpu temps, graphic card temperature etc?

    There is a temp monitoring program called SPEEDFAN 4.09 which I and a few others here use to monitor temps on our PC's, give it a D/l and tell us your temps, its a definate possibility and if you hadn't mentioned driver problems I would have immediatly assumed this.

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    Bare in mind my PC had been on 24 hrs none stop now heres the temps.

    HD1: 49*c
    HD0: 47*c
    Temp2: 44*c
    Temp1: 33:*c

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    Those temps dont sound very bad to me, but i personally only start to worry when it hits past 55' c. Did you completely uninstall your drivers, then install the latest version? Also, what motherboard is it.

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    Biggest Q that comes to my mind is did you re install windows and all your stuff after you got the new motherboard ?

    If not, thats whats probably causing the freezing.

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    go to start, run, type "dxdiag" (without the quotes ), and see if you have any conflicts with your drivers. Also, just so everyone knows, if you have Laplink 11.2 or less installed, it will mess up your direct x drivers and cause the same problem when running windows XP. (just passing along some hard learned info, lol)


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