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    I added a new folder to share with Kazaa Lite Users, the folder has more than 1000 songs which includes movies and short commercials. However my computer had a virus and corrupted the file in this folder. Now I want to change it I can't. Everytime I go to Options -> Find Media to share, Kazaa Lite doesn't respond and sometimes freezes the computer. Can anyone offer assistance. It has become a nuisanse as I no longer can share files so my downloads are really slow. So slow that some songs take an entire month to download. Any assistance would be appreciated. You can post it here or email me at [email protected].
    Thanking you in advance!

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    I would try reinstalling Kazaa again, Or downloading the newest version of K Lite from

    And getting Norton Anti-Virus 2003.

    Cant you go into tools, options, traffic, and select another folder?


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