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    ive had windows XP for 6 months now with no problems but recently ive had numerous errors wantng me to send an error report to microsoft i know these are quite common but every time i use media player and exit it one pops up and some other programs have also been generating these also

    help would be appreciated
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    Go to

    Control panel-system-advanced-error reporting-dont-report errors.

    Also in WMP-go to options and in there somewhere disable it-sorry have to go.

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    B) XP's got a bunches of spyware bundled inside and it's prone to locking up your system. Get a copy of XPSpy (freebie - I think no-nags got it). It'll turn off all of MS extra goodies. Haven't had a problem with XP since. Good luck

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    you don't need a program to tweak WinXP. and you don't use msconfig. that's for older versions of windows.


    type "services.msc"

    tweak from that dialog box.

    don't know what to tweak? check for answers about windows services.


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