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Thread: Adding Files To Share Problem

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    whenever I try to add new files to be shared in Kazaalite the program crashes and will not work untill I reinstall and delete all the previous registry keys to set the program back to its defaults.
    This happens whether I use the wizard, add folder option, and even if I move the folder itself into the shared folder. Putting the files in there individually is not not an option since that would completely ruin my filing system and I will never be able to find anyhting anymore if the are all in jumble in one big folder.

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    Is it possible that 1 of the files you are trying to share are corrupt. I assume that you have tried just sharing the folders frim My Kazaa Lite K++ then selecting to import folders.

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    thanks for the reply; I have since tried to add the files one by one, still not working! In addition, I forgot to mention that I can't find the downloads when they are completed, I found one in the share folded, it was still in .Dat form, but I recognized it by its size, and since then I have been unable to locate any other files.


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