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    Ok, i have a basic idea of what all of these are, but when i get them, what do i do with em? like how do i get it to execute???if you could tell me,the exact settings for nero/cd mate/clone cd (any program, dont care), i would appreciate it. thanks guys.

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    Quoted from another topic from JimF:
    Select the command Choose Recorder from the Recorder menu and select the recorder installed (not the image recorder) and confirm the selection using OK.

    From the File menu select the Write CD Image command.

    A dialog box will open and you can select the image file you would like to burn. Nero currently supports NRG, ISO and CUE-Sheet formats. Select the desired file and click on the Open button. The Write CD dialog box will then open the procedure is the same as for producing a new compilation but the Burn tab is now in front.
    Now check all settings on this and other tabs one more time and amend where necessary.

    Confirm your selection by clicking on the Burn button. Nero now carries out all the necessary stages as defined. A status window will appear showing the stages implemented and informing you how the burn process is progressing. As soon as Nero has finished the write process a window will appear with a result message such as "Burn process 24x (3600 KBs) successful".

    Click on the OK button to close the dialog box. The CD is then ejected. The messages shown can either be saved, printed or discarded. Close the window by clicking on the Discard or Close buttons.

    Now you can verify what has been written onto your CD by inserting the CD once more and clicking on the Medium Information icon.

    If you use different software then the instructions will be different. You will almost certainly find that your software also has a help file like this.

    Of course if you can't be arsed reading it then please feel free to come back and I will do it for you.



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    Check out THIS CILCK HERE and that will tell you how to burn them. You can also try extracting the files with either WinISO or ISOBuster

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    I wouldn't recommend extracting them, burns it to different sectors so Copy-Protect. might not work. Basically it burns the same files in different places, so it is unlikely that will work unless you are using an old game/software.


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