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Thread: Strange Folder

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    I noticed yesterday that I was sharing about 100 more files than usual... wondering where all these files came from and where they were, I checked my list of shared folders.

    It turns out that they were all in a folder called WINDOWS/User32. They were all small executables (500k to 1.5mb). I never downloaded any of them. They seemed to be really random files.. something from Yahoo.. a couple cracks for some games I don't even have... something from ICQ, ect.

    I unshared the folder, but when i rebooted today, it was shared again. So I deleted all the files, and unshared it again.

    Any idea why Kazaa would keep picking this folder to share even though I clicked it off?

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    its a virus
    i cant remeber the name of it
    comes from kazaa
    places a folder in windows folder with a buncha dead files in it either blank mp3s or some other shit
    use avg to scan for it it should find it
    called winkza32.exe i belive
    its an early attempt by the riaa to bog down the networks by forcing you to share dead files

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    bah it's more a nuisence than a problem


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