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Thread: What In The World?

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    In the beginning, everything was frozen in time, black, very condense matter all packed jammed up, harder then steal, harder then diamond and devoid of any life sign, a spark began which triggered an explosion and causes the universe to expand and give life who a new world which had been sleeping indefinitely from the beginning. If their is a beginning then their must be an end to all this existence. like watching a movie when it does end the world, and universe it self will no longer exist and we who as what as a result of this will not even be here to witness it oh well, who cares?

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    is there a point to this post?

    oh, and you can't say beyond any doubt that what you've just said is fact either
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    Originally posted by 3rd gen noob@14 December 2003 - 17:01
    is there a point to this post?

    oh, and you can&#39;t say beyond any doubt that what you&#39;ve just said is fact either
    I totaly agree is there a point to this thing

    I don&#39;t get it anyway
    hello i am going HOME.......

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    he thinks he&#39;s in the matrix or a bad acid trip


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