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Thread: The Chat

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    yesterday morning i tried to connect to the kazaa lite chat but it came up with one of those "this page cannot be displayed" things. I&#39;ve been getting that page ever since i tried to connect to it. I&#39;ve tested out my internet so i know i have it. so the last possible reason is that its down or my kazaa has gone all wonky. Thanks for the help if you gave it >.<

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    p.s i need some help asap

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    Almost everyone doesn&#39;t need chatting. It sucks. Better concentrate in this forum.

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    Ialso think it sucks not to have chat. It would be good to be able to chat with people while waiting for downloads or uploads to finish. My Pc is a bit slow and when I am on Kazza nothing else wants to run on here so I would like to chat. Sometimes I send a message to other uses but it is usually not enabled.



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