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Thread: Repairing Halo D/l Using Filemon

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    Can anyone help?
    I've downloaded Halo from Gameworld-Verifieds in a Can-Christmas game collection posted by THe LInk, but upon trying to open it, I get to 45% and then it stops saying there is a fault in CAB3.
    I've been trying to use Filemon to fix the problem, but am finding it difficult to understand, does anyone know of a step by step walkthrough to use it?
    I could try downloading it again but, don't want to pay for the extra time online, please help!!

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    Have you tried using CDmage to repair it

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    I gave up on trying to fix the file using filemon, (i assume youre trying to locate the corruption for the kl corruption fixer?). Use cd mage to locate the corrupt sectors. Links in my signature.

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    Yes, I have tried CDMage, which says it has repaired the corrupt sectors, yet still the same problem when I try to install.
    Just seen your reply, Link. Will try to do it that way. Let you know...

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    Me again!
    Tried CDMage,... still confused. The file that is corrupted is called cab3, which according to CDMage is of size 114,594,689 (bytes? Kbytes?), and would the column heading LBA equate to its position in the overall structure (which has a figure of 95,987).
    All I want to know is a figure to input into Kazaa Corruption Fixer telling it where this cab3 file is. HELP!


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