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Thread: Torrent

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    why is it when i download psx games off suprnova i get these files and no torrent file

    2 bin files 2 cue files and a sfv file

    i dont know what theses r for. the game does download, but i cant disconnect because i have no torrent file to reconnect

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    A .torrent file is just a little file which has the information in it for you to download the ACTUAL game.

    .sfv file is an error-checking file (you can ignore it)
    .bin and .cue is a format to make complete 'images' of CDs
    You can burn them to cd with any good burning program

    For the reconnecting problem see my reply in your other thread.
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    If you want the .torrent file right click on the torrent you want to download then choose "save as", this will save the .torrent to your 'puter (not the file the .torrent downloads)

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