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Thread: Downloading On 56k

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    If To End All Wars is on Kazaa, then I would definetly download it. But I have a 56k. Has anyone ever tried dl'ing a movie on 56k before and how painful was it?

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    i've downloaded a few movies and large files on 56k before

    just leave it to download over a couple of nights and you hardly notice

    plus you can use avipreview to preview what you have of it, so after a day you should have about half the film

    patience is the key
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    when i had 56k dial up (10 months ago) i never bothered to download movies, it wasnt worth the hassle. But i did download large software files that i needed. It took me 3 to 4 days, but was worth it because i found them useful.

    Thankfully i have superfast broadband now , but still hate downloading movies unless it has good bandwidth and is of near dvd quality.

    If you are going to download a movie make sure its worth it and of good quality by previewing.

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    It was Very Painfull 4 me when I Had 56k it Took At Least a week 2 get a Complete File (and thats if I was lucky) so u have 2 have a lot of pacience.

    P.S. I cant spell Pacience lol

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    yea, PATIENCE is the biggest issue, i have spent 2 weeks downloading large files, movies, etc on dial up. i have cable now, and THANK FRIGGIN GOD&#33; i havent suffered the pain of dial up for over a year now.

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    a movie file of 100MB-200MB would take about 2-3 days. 56K download at the speed of 2kb-10kb. Sucks i know, LOL. I&#39;m using cable, I can&#39;t stand 56k.

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    Before I&#39;m having dial up, it took me 3 days to d/load a movie.

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    yes I have before its not painful speed wise I didn&#39;t care what was painful was the 4 hr sessions which made the phone bill rocket up&#33;&#33; and ppl couldn&#39;t ring

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    I still download movies on dial up, and I have about 60 movies, most of which I downloaded. I&#39;ve probably got about 20 from friends I suppose.

    It&#39;s not that bad, and if it&#39;s all you can afford, then that&#39;s it. I may get ADSL soon, but I have no job... so what are the chances ?

    Anyway, I leave the computer running 24 / 7, and whenever I&#39;m not doing something else, I leave it to download. I&#39;ve only really been doing so since I changed ISP to one with no download bandwidth or time limits, and they don&#39;t have session times, only disconnecting every few days.

    It takes 2 - 5 days usually, but that&#39;s fine with me. I always download music inbetween etc, and do a lot online. I get at least 100Mb done overnight most nights.
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    i had dialup for about 5 years, and only abuot 2 months ago i got adsl.

    downloading on dialup wasnt that bad, just leave it on overnight and it will get done quick.

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