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Thread: Download Speeds

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    Hey there,

    I was a user of Kazaa and always got download speeds of about 30 k/sec on downloads, and recently, after I formated my PC I started using Kazaa Lite ++ 2.4.3. since then I always get very low download speeds, usually below 1 k/sec.

    I assure you i've tried an ennormous nuber of different files, jumping supernodes, changing settings and ports, praying, waering lucky underwear, beating the hell outta my computer... butt nothing works
    I'm desperate here eheheheh

    I access the net via a small LAN on my home and the server Pc uses the WinXP firewall. I've tried configuring the ports on TCP and UDP on it and on Kazaa Lite but no deal. I am a happy user of e-Mule and always get nice DL speeds with it and no connection problems.

    But one thing tricks me: my kazaa lite upload speeds are usually 17~25 k/sec...

    anyone has an idea of how can I get it to work like Kazaa did??

    thanks guys!


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    Did you also use KaNAT and uncheck removal of firewalled sources from searches?

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    This thread has been posted before. Are the one who did it?

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    Hi there.

    Camille, I am a new user of this forum and have never posted here before.

    Switeck, what is KaNAT? where can I find it?

    Thanks a lot.

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    If you are behind a firewall you need to use KNAT, do a seach on goole and you will find it. Also you should really try using a better firewall than the one with windows xp, that one really sucks the big one. You can use a different one like zone alarm pro, blackice or others. They work better.


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