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Thread: Avi Preview

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    I have it set in Windows 98SE and Windows XP so that when I double Click on a .dat File it Opens in AVI Preview and Starts playing just like when we all Open them from in K-Lite, it works fine in Windows 98SE but in Windows XP it wont Open any File unless its in the Crive, if it is C:\my shared folder when I Double Click on the .dat File it will give me an Error Message saying "Unable to Open C:\my" but when I Open AVI Preview on its Own and Select the File from the Program itself it Will Open the File just Fine, so it seems 2 me that it wont Open any File that is in a Directory that has a Space sumwhere in the File Name, does or has anyone else had this Problem or a Fix? Ive had it 4 Absolutly Ages but im New 2 the Forums and it Only Just Occurred 2 me that I Might Find a Solution here so I hope sum1 can help me

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    Ok it DID work fine in Windows 98SE but now it wont!
    Does Nobody have a Solution Or Even a Coment on this Problem?

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    right click a dat file and choose properties, then change the default program to whatever you want, hit apply
    I have my bin files open in videolan as most are movies, and I have cue files open with daemon tools

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    It is already set 2 open in AVI Preview, it is AVI Preveiw itself that will not open it yet when opened from K-Lite its fine!

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    well try it with videolan, it previews like avi preview

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    But I dont like Videolan! and no ofence but I didnt ask 4 an Alternative Program I asked 4 a Fix with AVI Preview.

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    try redownload avi preview again

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    ok tried that, didnt work anyone else got any input?

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    could it be the file you are trying to preview, have you tried a different file?
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    I have tried hundreds of files, but thanks 4 the input.


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