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Thread: Sig2dat?

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    what is this? what does it do? in the anime list i think i need it to dl some of the stuff.. i dont think i installed it with kazaa, where do i get it from? thx

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    Read this

    A Sig2Dat hash looks like this for example:

    File: Friends - 101 - Pilot.avi
    Length: 117977088 Bytes, 115212KB
    UUHash: =S8hsFRuHtrQFq58jEhj+ofMudZI=

    To download this file, do the following:

    1) Select the whole hash (all three lines&#33 and copy it
    2) Start K-Sig.
    3) In the menu click on 'File' and select 'Paste From Clipboard'.

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    kinda got it working now, if i open the site in IE and click the download link it willstart searching for it in kazaa, thanks


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