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Thread: Runtime Error "7"

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    hi guys i need some clarification on this error i keep on getting when i'm trying to start kazupernode its says that runtime error "7" out of memory i tried everything please do help and thanx in advance.

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    What version of k-lite are u currently using?
    Older versions of k-lite did have some bugs in the supernode application.
    If you don't have the latest version(2.4.3) you might want to install that.
    You could click my sig or go here for other/more working urls.This will probably solve your problem.

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    thank you very much

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    i still get the runtime error message popping out and i tried everything even with the latest kL++ model but thnx newayz

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    I was hoping this would solve your problem :confused:
    I'm not sure what you should do now...but don't worry,others will probably have a solution to this.Maybe you could do a search on this board ?Type in "runtime error" and maybe you'll find a topic that will help you out more than I have.

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    Totally uninstall the previous Klite old version in the registry and Klite 2.4.3. Make sure it's all footprints of Klite will be deleted then reinstall 2.4.3.

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    Do you know there is a newer version of Kazupernodes out, than the one which came with 2.4.3 ? I have version 1.4.7 of kazupernodes, you can get it from HERE
    I think the older version gave a runtime error if the k-lite port number was set too high, but it should be solved in this newer version.

    Whatever you do, don't reinstall k-lite (as it says in the post above mine) !!! That won't make any difference, it would be a waste of time

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    hi i truly do appreciate all the feedbacks i recieved however the problem is still occuring wheter i reinstall the program or install the new kazupernode i even did virus check and there was nothing there i'll keep on trying but hopefully there is a solution to this pesky problem.


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    I think mussleman has a solution for this, but I can tremember it exactly, sumthing about putting a certain .dll in the windows system folder? it solved my problem anyway but i cant remember the file name, soz

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