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Thread: Kazaa Lite Uploading

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    Can the RIAA catch people uploading from Kazaa Lite++? Also when i was allowing someone up upload a message popped up from configwarning@ kazaa(the name may be a bit off) saying it was a crime and such. Is it a warning?

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    I wouldn't pay too much attention to the pop-up message,that's nothing to worry about.And from what I've heard the RIAA is more active in catching people who offer the music on k-lite.And you should only worry about the RIAA catching you if you really have a vast collection of mp3s,and living in the US.They're not going to hunt down people who only have about 100 mp3s or so.Anyway don't forget to click "hide my shared folder" in the k-lite options.This will prevent people from looking into your shared folder.

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    Don't give a damn on that pop up, they're just scaring you?

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    If they can't browse a list of all your files then they either can only get tiny subsets of your shared files as lists via regular searches (just like us&#33

    OR... they have to be hacking into the network and/or your computer in very questionable ways.


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