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Thread: Call Of Duty Multiplayer

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    Yes I know b4 you guys start flammin...I need a valid cd key..blah..blah. But I got the game off BT and finished the SP mode. Are there cracked servers for MP mode like they gots for Halo? How is the MP mode anyways? Are there a lot of players?

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    Well first off, I bought the game...YOU CHEAP BASTERD!

    Just kidding man . I did buy the game though. I play online occasionally. Its...ok...

    Deathmatch with like 11 people..its a bloodbath...

    You run around...spawning everywhere...

    A lot of times you spawn and get killed...if there is a lot of players...

    Search and destroy is ok...

    On one map, it's fun hiding in this building and waiting for the guy to plant the bomb on the big gun turret thing. I just snipe his ass.

    I say buy it...its pretty fun online...sometimes it can get boring...the deathmatches are pretty much... the same old thing...The other game modes however, are pretty fun. Don't get me wrong, deathmatch is fun...but with too many can get frusterating...

    EDIT: Though I wouldn't really go by me. I still have a bad cough from this flu...I'm very agrivated and its hard for me to give you the review I would like to give.

    Its a good game.

    As far as cracked servers...I don't know...

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    Here ya go

    IP: Ver: 1.1 Type: TDM
    IP: Ver: 1.1 Type: S&D
    IP: Ver: 1.1 Type: S&D
    IP: Ver: 1.1 Type: S&D
    IP: Ver: 1.1 Type: S&D
    IP: Ver: 1.1 Type: BEL
    IP: Ver: 1.1 Type: DM

    All credit go's to ICEMAN, he posted them a while back.

    I've not been on any of them since I bought the original though so I hope their still running.
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    sweet thx


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