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Thread: So What You Up To @ Christmas ?

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    Whats everyone doing over the festive season ? ?

    Personally im off out with the lads and seeing how many woman i can pull while drinking afew beers

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    Originally posted by SynergyForums@15 December 2003 - 11:02
    Whats everyone doing over the festive season ? ?

    Personally im off out with the lads and seeing how many woman i can pull while drinking afew beers
    Something gives me the impression that you will not be the only one.
    The best way to keep a secret:- Tell everyone not to tell anyone.

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    Ill be doing the same shit as i do everyday.

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    I don't like christmas that much I must say. It's usually just me, my sis and my mum and it's booooring

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    i will be getting drunk. only one pub near me open on christmas day, then probably up town to edinburgh to a club which is open till 5 in the morning on boxing day. then probably rehab.

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    most people are just gonna say get drunk
    Those who dont learn from the past are doomed to repeat It.

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    nothing, absolutly nothing.

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    Go to my Fathers Grave.Pour him some Beer like we use to do on that day and wish him a Merry Christmas.Also visit a Friend and my Grandfather in the same Cemetery.

    And then go Eat and get Drunk.

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    What a great day I'll have. Up at 6 cos me kids just cant wait to open their pressies.
    Assemble all the kids presents and realise that I've forgotten to buy batteries for something so a quick visit to the 24hour petrol garage to pay double price for a pack of duracell.
    Back at home I'll realise after an hour I've left the giblets in the turkey.
    Spend 10 minutes with my hand under the tap after removing said giblets from the turkey. And after that I'll probably over boil the potatoes before putting them into roast and maybe forget to put on the brussel sprouts.
    Christmas dinner over, I'll have a few lagers and a big fat cigar, then maybe a quick kip in front of the TV before entertaining the family in the evening.

    At least that what happened last year, I hope things go a bit smoother this time round!

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    think about my love

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