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Thread: Offline/try Again Pop Up

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    I have a win98 problem. Whenever I open an explorer window, I get a pop up box saying that there is no connection to the internet avaliable... work offline/try again. It's very annoying, because I can't figure out how to disable this nag. Do you have any suggestions?
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    It's become real common in win2k/XP and I think it's a problem with a defective hotfix. Maybe that applies to win9x as well.

    In win2k/XP, you have to go into network connections and disable, enable each connection when that happens. In win9x, I'm not sure that option exists. You may have to disable your firewall and reboot.

    You could try unchecking auto proxy in the IE connection properties GUI. enter the info manually if you have a static connection and IP. Unfortunately, Outlook Express won't work with this option for some unknown reason.

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    this sometimes happens on a winxp pro machine I have. It's weird, I just hit connect and refresh or close out and open again. It's quite frustrating


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