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Thread: Bandwidth Blues

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    Hey, has anyone ever faced this problem before?

    Earlier, when I had installed Kazaa Lite, I used to get the full bandwidth the user(s) allotted me. And so this bandwidth often ran into thousands.

    But now I find that usually Kazaa connects with only a set bandwidth and won't allow me any more than it seems to have fixed for that connection. For example, although individually all users may have bandwidths about 64, 1700, 56, 200 etc, still I get a total bandwidth of only lets say 123 or something and it doesn't exceed it for all downloads in that session, however much it may be from the user's side...

    What could be the reason? I'm perplexed...

    Thanks for any response,

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    the average bandwidth shown is not always the bandwidth others provide but reflects the speed of your connection at which you download.with time kazaa keeps on accessing your speed and so you reach a figure close to your isp bandwidth. however the download speed at which you actually download remains the same. if you reinstall kazaa you will see the same things happen again as all registry values are reset but there will be no change in your download speed.............

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    thanx a lot!


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