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Thread: 50 Cent / G Unit

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    First of i ain't got a clue about 50 cent and im a bit lost

    im looking for 50 cents new album and searching google all i keep finding is info about g-unit's new album
    i read up and noticed 50 cent is part of them

    my question is- is this 50 cent's latest album or has he released a solo one
    the only album i find info on is one called "get rich or die trying" and the release date on that was last year so i figure that cant be it

    cheers in advance

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    Under Shady Records, Gunit and 50 cent have released two albums.

    50 Cent - Get rich or die tryin' (quite old)
    Gunit - Beg for mercy (new)

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    so it'll be g-unit cheers for that

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    No probz.
    Just incase you dont know ... 50cent is also part of g-unit along with three other people: Lloyd bands, Young Buck and Tony Yayo who is currently locked up.

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    50 Cent album is old as in time, but now It just got popular so people are confused


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