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Thread: Ripping Data Cd

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    I've saved a bunch of movies on disks as data files because my hard drive was full. Now that I have a new larger hd I want to put these movies back onto it so that I can share them again. How do I do this?

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    How do you mean data-files?

    Did you change their format when you burned them onto the cd:s?

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    if you changed the file names then restore the original file names after copying them to your shared folder.try restoring the description of files by checkin for their search on kazaa,that way your files will be uploaded more.......
    if you have changed the format of files like avi to dat or mpeg then your shared files are most likely going to be stand alone versions on kazaa.

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    just copy them back to your shared folder and then right click on all the files and make sure that they are not read only because if they are they will cause errors in kazaa lite.

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