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Thread: Add Border To Image

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    Hey all,

    I've made a load of avatars but when saved, uploaded and tried, they look crap because there's no border around them. So is there any software which will add a boder round the edge automatically instead of opening each bloody image and adding stroke to a rectangle or something?

    Thanks for anyhelp.
    If I could right click a load of jpeg files and select 'add border' that would be great

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    Photoshop - the answer to all photoediting problems

    image, canvas size

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    Yeah, Photoshop.

    If you want to get really carried away, you could add a border to one image and record the process as an action.

    Then you could do a batch conversion with the action in-line, and have the border added to a whole folder of images automatically.

    They might have to have identicall dimensions for this to work though.. not sure.

    Actually, it'd probably be quicker to just do each image border one by one, compared to the time it'll take to learn how to do all this ...

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    Thanks for the replies people, the images im talking about are the avatars in my avatar section of my site, all same dimension the batch conversion sounds great.

    I use photoshop cs but when going to canvas size there no option to add border


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