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Thread: Oem Xp Home

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    Need a serial for xp home (oem),chucked old case with sticker on,and cant find the paperwork where I copied serial to.Any ideas?TIA O. oops:

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    If you still have your Xp Home OEM installed and running, Google for "Magical Jellybean Keyfinder"
    It'll tell you the original serial

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    Too late,rebuilt and formatted.Thx for the tip though,I'll remember that.O.

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    Before they close this topic, there's a post about cracks, serials, keygens that's sticky... you can't ask for them on this board. It's a legal issue. So look up that topic, and check those sites.

    The other way would be to do a search for "windows xp home" in Kazaa Lite. You're sure to find a serial in a text file. You may not even have to download it, if the key is in the title. I've seen that before.

    I would not have a key for XP Home as I wouldn't use it.

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    If the XP oem was intended for your system you should not need the serial, as the OS should be pre-activated. I had OEM Home installed on one of my systems.

    If you do have probs installing you should phone up microsoft for a new serial, they will give you a new one.

    I have not come across any keygens that generates serials for XP OEM versions and if you use someone else's serial it wont activate on yours.

    An alternative is to use XP Corp.

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    Where the hell do you get all these pics muchspl2?


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