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Thread: Suprnova Silent Hill 3

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    I have downloaded silent hill 3 for PC from suprnova at first i unzipped the first file then i unzipped the second one then there is the install wizard and other files that are still not unzipped, do i have to unzip them? do i have to burn the game?
    how do i burn it? please tell me cuz i just double clicked the .exe but it gave me an error

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    What were the files you unzipped?

    They were probably .bins.

    If they were, just burn them as an image with nero. Or mount them with daemon tools and install it from there.

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    when i finished downloading it i went to the silenthill3 folder inside the folder there are a lot of wirar archives and the deviance info the info says this
    Install Notes:


    1) Unrar with WinRAR.

    2) Burn the .iso with your favourite Burning software.

    3) Install the game.

    4) Copy over the cracked game .exe file from the \Deviance dir on DVD.

    5) And then play

    i unrared one of the files and it takes me to another winrar archive i used the winrar again and it takes me to what i think its the game because it contains archives such as auto run, data, deviance crack, directx 8.1,setup.exe but there are still a lot more of winrar archives and i cant find the .iso that the install notes say. what can i do?

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    You should just unrar the first file in each folder and that will usually give you an iso or a bin.

    Get daemon tools and mount them as a vitual cd.

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    yes, usually Winrar displays .iso files as RAR compressed files, just look at the extension if it is :


    or something, just get it out and then do what chalice said...

    If not, just PM me...

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    now i have another problem, i was able to install the game but when i try the shortcut it says that i have inserted an incorrect disc so i changed it with the crack but when i use it with the daemon tools kind of try to run the crack but nothing hapens it doesnt say any error mesage and i cant play it because of it. is it because i am using wrong the daemon tools? is the crack bad?

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    After you've installed the game and copied over the .exe with the crack you shouldn't need daemon tools at all.

    The crack means you don't need the cd anymore.

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    the crack only display a black window but nothing happens and i dont know if it is a no cd crack


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