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Thread: Corrupt Files

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    Not as far as I know you can view it with Avipreview to see if its real to repair I use Dvix Repair.

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    Use Kazaa Corruption Fixer. Once you've downloaded a movie file and then watched it and found glitches you can go back and redownload those specific parts. Just follow the instructions on the link.

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    is there ne way of knowing whether a video file is corrupted before it finishes dling and then just disappears?
    Try using AviPreview.

    Is there a program to see this?
    K-Lite crashes when a corrupted file is to be downloaded.
    • Take all .dat files from "My Shared Folder"

    • Move them back one at a time to see which is corrupted.

    • Delete the corrupted one.

    y do they corrupt?
    • Transfer error.
    • System error.
    • Human error. (Mostly )
    • Power shortage.
    • Fake file as a source.
    • Milions of others :/


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