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    I'm going to be going to Canada in May and first off going to travelling around the country for a few months and then finish up in Toronto and maybe get a job and apartment etc.. (if visa's go through etc..)
    Just checked out pricing for apartments etc.. but donít really know where to go/avoid (e.g. areaís of Toronto, zip code). And itís a hell of a lot cheaper than where I am at the moment in London, UK.

    Just a few questions for anyone from Toronto (or been there) for advice really.
    What the cost of living in Toronto?
    Where's the pleasant (or avoid) places to hangout (pubs (mainly), clubs, area's etc..)?
    How is the job market going at the moment (IT industry)?
    What the average wage for an IT support job (1st to 3rd line) permanent or contract?

    Add anything else you may think I would find useful as well.


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    Hey Greg, I'm from Toronto - just moved away. It's a great town. Lots of jobs, lots of bars, lots of clubs, great food, great people.

    Cost depends where you live - anywhere near the downtown area is ridiculously expensive - if you want a nice area, close to downtown check High Park or the Beaches (still a little steep, but close to the action) If you go towards the north end of Toronto, it's cheaper. You're looking anywhere from $1000/mo to 2500/mo for a one bedroom. If you go just outside Toronto you cut that in half (Mississauga, Brampton)

    IT jobs still pay really well there, depending on what you're looking for. I was making upwards of $50/hr doing helpdesk, but that's really high for the job (I'm just that good). I can put you in touch with some really good placement agencies if you're interested.

    Some of the best clubs are the Docks, Indian Motorcycle Club (just be prepared to wait in line cause it's where all the hockey players hang and thus gets busy). PM me for more info on this kind of stuff cause I could go on for days...



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