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Thread: Windows Explorer

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    the title just about says it, but to further explain...
    i keep gettin minor crashes, i say minor cause all it does
    is blank out all my desktop icons and taskbar
    it leaves the desktop (wallpaper) up and restarts
    taskbar and icons reappear but not all of taskbar icons
    firewall, LAN, and volume control come back, but have to
    reboot for the rest (acclerate, printscreen and printer icons)
    this happened a couple of days ago (maybe a week )
    and it told me it was windows explorer crashing
    but now i dont get any error message, it just crashes
    anyone gotta clue to what's causin this?

    oh yeah, and this is both on and off line
    virus reports are clean, spybot and adaware clean
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    Have you checked in event viewer for more information on the error?

    Consider running Dr. Watson to troubleshoot.



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