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Thread: Anybody Got .torrents They Wud Liek To Send Me?

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    Hey does anybody have full game .torrents they would like to send to me, I am lookin for GTA Vice City, but any other games u guys have will do. I will give u my email if you guys have any you would like to share, sites where i can download game torrents would be nice too. thanks guys

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    Check the link in my sig

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    hey thanks guys these sites are great, i really appreciate it, but do u guys have any site dedicated to just full games torrents? if so, please post the thanks alot guys, and once again, i really appreciate it

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    ok thi sis kinda off topic, i just finished downloading call of duty off of shareaza. the download went perfect and all. i extract the files. and i got two files, a .bin file and .cue file. what do i do with these now? im a new comer, as u can tell.

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    well first off, it is against rules to poest direct links to any torrents, second what you want to do is get asoftware program like Nero or something similar, and select burn image, (in nero it is under file and burn image), then select the image on your harddrive, click it, do what it says, and it will burn it then presto you are done.

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    thanks scimanal, ur a dork, lol, its special k from DM server, i own u still,

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    Originally posted by specialk87@16 December 2003 - 22:34
    thanks scimanal, ur a dork, lol, its special k from DM server, i own u still,

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