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Thread: Preveiw Movie Problem

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    Hi guys,

    Up until today i've been able to preveiw the two movies i'm downloading, but now when i click play to preveiw, it just brings up 00:00/00:00, as if they haven't started.....but in the traffic window everything looks normal.

    Any ideas as to why this has happened?

    I'm on a dial up, so the files take forever to download, and if i can't preveiw them i don't know if the file is what it says it is, until its downloaded

    Any help would be appreciated

    btw, i can still preveiw music, its just the movie files


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    Download Codecs?

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    I'm not sure if this will help, but look at this thread:-

    Especially the answer from "The Gatherer".
    Another thing to think about, have you installed anything else that may be causing these problems if so try uninstalling it and see if it helps.

    Hope this helps And all praise to "The Gatherer" who had the solution to my problem.

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    Try to d/load Videolan.

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    Thanks for the info guys...

    It was the software for my new Sony Digital camera....
    My only problem now is, i need the software on the pc or i cant download the pics !

    Any ideas how i can get round this...

    Thanks for your help

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    install the camera software and then install the codec pack again, that may work.

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    You're lucky, you've got PC Camera. Isn't it expensive buying that thing?

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    Scrappy Doo what O/S are you you using?

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    Camille, yes the cameras are quite expensive, but they are very convenient...
    I got the Sony DSC-P72 Cybershot with 128mb memory for 200, and the picture quality is great

    Silva and Firefox

    My o/s is Win XP Home, when i uninstall the camera software preview works fine again, but when i install it, same again...

    I tried uninstalling and reinstalling codecs before and after i installed the camera software, but no luck...

    The camera software also has a utility called image mixer, which is used for the mpeg mode on the camera !

    I wonder if its this part of the software thats conflicting with Kazaa, but i cant find any settings to change default.

    btw, the codecs i installed are nimo codecs, do recommend i try any others?

    Thanks guys

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    Make sure you have the latest drivers for your camera. And download KLite Codec Pack.

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